January 09, 2014

Roasted Red Grapes

"Your oldest friend will be your sibling."

That is the truest piece of advice I have ever gotten from my mom, and I'm so happy that I have that in my sister Lisa.  I remember hearing that a lot growing up, especially when we were at each other's throats.  We didn't really become close until we were both in high school, when we had an hour in the car with each other every day commuting to school.  She was too small to sit in the front seat so I looked like her chauffeur, but the forced intimacy turned into the best friendship I've ever had in my life.

Years later, we not only live together but still like each other after a year and a half of cohabitation!  We watch far too many disney movies, listen to way too much terrible 90s and 00s music on grooveshark while doing the Ger dance, and average seven jinx moments a night.  We're pretty embarrassing, but in the best possible way.

When we first moved into the condo, I "christened" it by making one of our favorite meals: chicken burgers.  I hadn't cooked in about three weeks by that point, due to my pilot light in the old apartment going out during a crazy summer thunderstorm and everything being packed up, so I went crazy.  Fresh buns from the bakery, roasted garlic to freeze up and put in some homemade mayonnaise, and roasted grapes.

This week, I had a bunch of chicken I roasted up after making stock.  We were brainstorming ways to use the rest of it when I mentioned the roasted grapes in passing.  Lisa stopped me immediately and said, "Wait, you can roast grapes?"  I guess she forgot about them in the chaos of moving in, so of course I had to remind her!

Roasted grapes are a simple way to add a savory-sweet element to a sandwich.  And it couldn't be simpler!  Just a hot oven, grapes tossed in olive oil and thyme leaves, and finished off with a little red wine vinegar.  Add it as a condiment, put into chicken salad, or just eat it plain like me!  Best part?  Lisa really liked it.

Roasted Red Wine Grapes
1 lb red seedless grapes (or any kind you like!)
2 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon of dried thyme leaves (or a couple of sprigs of fresh thyme)
salt and pepper to season
2 teaspoons red wine vinegar
1/2 teaspoon of sugar

Preheat the oven to 400 F.

Pull off the grapes, wash, and dry thoroughly.

Toss in the olive oil, salt and pepper, and thyme.  Spread evenly on a foil covered baking sheet.

Roast at 400 F for 25 minutes.  Remove from the oven.  Mix the vinegar and sugar together then evenly coat the grapes.

Return to the oven for another 5 minutes.

Serve up and enjoy!


  1. So cool--roasted grapes:) If you have lots of uber-cooked chicken from stock, and can't eat it, freeze it and find a friend with a dog. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

    1. I always get a whole chicken and break it down. The carcass, wings, and "extras" go into the stock pot and I roast up the breast, thighs, and legs… You can find the post here!

      Although now I feel a little guilty I'm not saving it for my dog lol

  2. I love this! I've never tried roasting grapes but I can imagine how delicious they are.

  3. there is a fun concentrated sour flavor that's in the background of these, I think that's my favorite part… I definitely recommend, especially if you have some grapes that you know you can't finish!

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