June 23, 2012

Foodie Friends Friday: Family Food Finds - Greek Pesto Pizza

Friday's post was slightly delayed due getting caught in a thunderstorm on a bike (eep!).  But here is a recipe from the fantastic Lindsey of Family Food Finds.  She believes in healthy seasonal cooking for her family.  I was especially drawn to her Greek Pesto Pizza from this week.  Just your favorite pizza dough, a smattering of pesto, and all the veggies you would find in a greek salad topping the pizza.  As my smoke alarm goes off when you heat the oven about 400 F, I will have to swoon at this pizza until I move into my new place!  

Until then, go check out Lindsey's Greek Pesto Pizza HERE!  And to see all of the other Foodie Friends Friday Posts, head HERE!

1 comment:

  1. Nice idea for a Friday pizza, and to do something different and a health option.The pesto change the basic pizza.


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