September 23, 2012

Life on One Leg

Just wanted to check in after receiving lovely well wishes from the comments and my facebook page.  Surgery went well, everything is back in place!  I'm officially bionic, with a plate on my fibula and a screw holding the rest together (yes, I finally got the nerve to look at the before and after X-rays).  Long scars to be expected, but luckily it will be boot season when I get out of the (boot) cast!

In terms of getting back to real life, it's a process.  Getting around is not great, but I'm getting a baller ab and arm workout whenever I'm crutching.  Birthday party had to be cancelled, but I had a really fun night with my kickball team for the last game of the season on my actual 25th.  Let me tell you, crutches are definitely a conversation starter at a bar.  Working with surgeons means you can't skip recovering from surgery, so I'm doing half days as much as I possibly can without getting scolded.  I'm writing and studying at home while the experiments I had running have watchers and are going well.

I've started a little notebook with all of the food ideas in my head for when I get back.  The day I broke everything, I had just brought home a beautiful new stand mixer (life goal accomplished) and it is dying to make its debut.  For now sandwiches and raviolis are about all I can manage, but believe me the second I feel comfortable enough I'll be back!

Thanks again go to my family for putting up with gimpy me.  Appropriate to start a countdown for when I can walk again?  I'm thinking yes.


  1. Hope you get to use the stand mixer soon :-)

  2. Eat healthy while you're slowed down. Glad things are healing. (Ouch!)

  3. Haven't forgotten you. Hope you're improving daily!


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