May 03, 2011

Welcome to Everything in the Kitchen Sink!

 Every Sunday morning growing up, I would go to Safeway with my Dad. My favorite aisle was the spice aisle where I would stand in awe, wondering how all of these fragrant mysteries could be used. I would obsessively pick out the best produce, sifting through entire bins comparing every single fruit and vegetable. I watched cooking shows on public TV on lazy weekend afternoons and dog-eared my favorite recipes in Gourmet and Bon Appetit. When I got tired of microwave pizza before ballet, I begged to learn how to make scrambled eggs all by myself. I always wanted to help in the kitchen and couldn’t get enough.

Years later, I'm a 20-something PhD student who hasn’t lost her childhood wonder for all things culinary. I love clean, healthy food with a lot of flavor and no recipes. If there is something I can make myself, I will dive right in regardless of difficulty, absurdity, or kitchen destruction. I love food and people seem to love the food I make.

So, I came to the question: Why not? Why not start a food blog? I love sharing my food, so why not share my food ideas?

And thus, Everything in the Kitchen Sink was born. It’s going to be delicious and it's going to be messy!

I think we're going to need a bigger sink...

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