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My name is Sarah and I am a 20-something eating and cooking my way through life in DC.  I'm originally from Baltimore (County), Maryland and have been in the greater DC area for about 8 years now between my engineering undergrad at UMD, a stint as a government employee, and now a PhD student at GWU.  In a given week I am in my lab, taking and teaching classes, reading way too many journal articles, playing in adult sports leagues, and spending whatever time I have left with friends and family.  I love what I am doing and I couldn't imagine anything else.

I also love food.  It's probably the thing I think, talk, read, anything about most in my life.  Since I was little my Dad involved me in everything food, from Julia Child on PBS to the weekly trip to the grocery store or being his su chef.  I started cooking myself scrambled eggs before ballet because I was tired of frozen dinners and it took off from there!  Now, I can't imagine a day without a focus on food: a google reader full of DC themed blogs to track new and exciting restaurants, a gifted subscription of Bon Appetit (RIP, Gourmet) for inspiration, and the weekend soundtrack of Food Network and Cooking Channel.

There is something so satisfying to me about getting into the kitchen, setting a goal, and mmm-ing yourself congratulations for a job well done.  My feet may hurt, my fingers may be cramped from way too many 1 uL pipet transfers, and my tendonitis-y knees might be giving out from the uphill bike commute home but I am content and centered at the end of that meal.  As much as cooking brings me happiness, I needed a reminder to take care of myself despite my hectic schedule.

My answer to this problem was to buy myself the big girl camera I've always wanted to motivate, make people in my life aware of my predicament, and sharing my kitchen and my story with you.  It will be messy and all over the place, but always delicious!


  1. Sarah. Since you live in dc go to Purée in Bethesda and try their Apeman avocado tomatillo soup. It is incredible and refreshing. I was looking for the recipe when I saw your post. Enjoy.

  2. Love your blog Sarah! Gorgeous recipes, photography and words. I'm always happy to find other passionate cooks to connect with through the blogosphere (makes me feel less weird!). Is there an option to follow you via email? Thanks xx

    1. Hey Laura!

      Always glad to connect! There is a widget at the top right side of the page where you can subscribe by email (under everything by email!) or you can add me to your RSS reader under the subscribe widget!



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